To access and launch the application you will need to select the cloud logo in the top left corner of your Zendesk Interface.

To export data:

1. All tickets within Zendesk must have the “Export Me Please” box selected, in order for the tickets to be displayed within the selected tickets section. The “Export Me Please” box can be found within the form on the right hand side of a ticket.

2. All tickets which have the “Export Me Please” box ticked, will be stored within the export “selected tickets” section below, awaiting to be exported. If you click on more info, the ticket ID’s for the selected tickets will be displayed.

3. By default “display column headers” is selected, you can deselect by clicking on the box and removing the tick.

4. We advise to keep the option “clear selection on completion” ticked, as this clears all tickets on export which have previously been stored in the selected ticket section of the application. This ensures only newly stored selected tickets are included within each separate export generated.

5. You need to choose the format for the data export by clicking on the filter and choosing one of the three options below:

6. Select on the left to export your data.

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