Overview Of Capsule Plus

The Capsule Plus App is designed for Zendesk agents to have the ability to search and view Capsule details of a person/organisation all from within the Zendesk support interface.

The key features enable you to:

  • View, create, edit and delete notes and tasks of a person/organisation
  • View opportunities and cases of a person/organisation
  • Search for and view Capsule details of a person/organisation
  • Review all previous contact history

1. You are able to use the search function to enter a name, email or contact number, or alternatively you can also search by organisation.

Type the contact's full name, organisation name, email address and contact number

  1. If only part of the user's details are searched, a list of options will display
  2. Click Search (or press enter)
  3. If multiple users match the search a list will display
  4. The user details and organisation will display if listed within Capsule

2. You can view and add notes to history, opportunities, cases and also add tasks from within the Capsule Plus app. Click on the section you would like to update so it's highlighted light grey and click on the Add button.

3. The screenshot below is an example of what the pop-up screen will look like in Zendesk, if you selected Tasks and clicked Add. 

4. You are able to access Capsule via the Capsule Plus app, you simply click on "Go to Capsule" within a pop-up and your Capsule account will open in another window.

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