Linked Ticket App Guide



Linked Ticket App Guide


You receive a ticket where you need to send the information to someone who is external to Zendesk e.g. Legal team.  

This will allow them to view the ticket without having a Zendesk licence as saves you the time of emailing them separately.

Prerequisite: Have the Linked Ticket app installed from the Zendesk Marketplace

  1. Go into a ticket
  2. To the right you can see the Linked Ticket app

  1. Click the Create a ticket
  2. The window will expand

  1. Click the Requester dropdown
  2. Select other: always select ‘other’ as this ensures  you can send an email
  3. In the Requester email field, enter the email of the requester i.e. the person you are requesting information from

  1. In the Requester Name field enter the name of the person you are requesting information from


  1. In the Assignee box, choose your name from the dropdown (this ensure any email responses come back to you)

  1. In Subject enter the subject of the query (try to make this as relevant to your other as possible)

  1. If you click the Copy current ticket description checkbox, the description from the requester will copy through to the Description box below.  You can add any additional text here.  This will appear in the email.

  1. In Description box you can now see the copied text

  1. Click the Create Ticket button
  2. Your ticket will now show that it has a child ticket

You will also see the status at the top left

This information will now be sent as an email to the third party, they can reply to this email and this information will update the (child) ticket, you will also receive an email notification when you receive a response.

  • The Child ticket is the (communication between you the agent and the third party)
  • The Parent ticket is the customer ticket (the communication between you the agent and the end user or customer)

The third party won’t see the customer (parent) ticket and the customer will not see the communication you are having with the third party.

These are separate tickets but they are linked together


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